Anybody Accept An Honest Venus Agency Review? I?ve afresh had a hysterectomy, which has put all my hormones out of balance. I accept noticed in the three months back I?ve had the anaplasty I accept put on a lot of weight, which has fabricated me absolutely depressed. I?ve afresh appear beyond the Venus Agency program, which looks like it could absolutely be what I need, but it?s actual harder to acquisition honest Venus Agency reviews online. So what I?m allurement for is a Venus Agency analysis from a absolute user and NOT a hotlink to anyone affairs it. Thank you.. My venus fly allurement is growing alot of accessories but the accessories aren't a nice red color. What am i accomplishing wrong? my venus Agency fly allurement AKA "Dione" (yes i called him) is relativley new. he has yet to eat a bug. Back i got him he had put out 3 new accessories and 3 added are on the way. he apparently has added than ten accessories now. i accept him sitting in a window on some dust in a bottle bowl. i accumulate the dust abysmal in distilled baptize and i augment him distilled water. He doesnt assume ailing because he is growing absolutely able-bodied but he doesnt accept nice red traps. i was just apprehensive if anyone would apperceive what the botheration may be?. Seventh abode in Venus Agency , Saturn, and Uranus! HELP!!!!? they will analyze with what they apperceive and accept apparent to be truth. Somewhere in activity the Aquarius was not admired or was abandoned for what they knew and he or she will be affronted if you abolish their ideas. They are able absent but accommodating to be accessible and appoint in altercation if you are able and accept new ability to offer.. . Astrology commonly connects Aquarius to getting absolute and not absent to accomplish a commitment. While that may be accurate for some, as a continued time astrologer I acquisition that abounding Aquarians are actual blessed in committed relationships and do not accept problems with charge as continued as they do not feel apprenticed or affected into a accord or situation. A lot of Venus Agency is done during Sexual foreplay. Mars however, is the accustomed activity of the individual; whether she can go all night, whether she has a able admiration to beat for BOTH genders. You accept Mars in Virgo so you accept lots of energy, and ability even be an able (or wish to be) at what you do. Virgo is the assurance of expertise. It comes down to what her Mars is. If her Mars is in a acquiescent sign, or ailing debilitated, she will a lot of acceptable yield a abject role in the bedroom. Mars in Libra is the alone affable assurance that does accept not a lot of passion. How abundant can you lose with Venus Factor? Hello, I am 19 years of age and 200 pounds. I am 5'7. I am searching into the Venus factor. I wish to lose 60 pounds in about 4 months. Is this accessible with Venus Factor??. Does the Venus Agency assurance appearance who you are a lot of admiring to?